RPG Post Template Generator

Quickly generate custom HTML/CSS post templates you can use in forum roleplaying posts! rpg-gen.com is advertisement supported. If you like this tool, please disable your ad-blocker. Thank you, appreciate it!

Template Essentials

This randomly generated unique identifier prevents conflicts with any other rpg-gen.com templates on your RPG forum. It is used in code only, and does not display on your template.


Choose a file from your computer, then click Upload. The uploaded image URL will appear below. The generator will attempt to automatically determine image height and width.

If you encounter any problems, manually upload your image to Imgur and place the URL here.

Image Style


Usually, your image width is simply your template width.

Generally, you'll subtract or add some height depending where you want your text to start.

Default of 5.

Default of 10.


If your font isn't working, use one of the asterisk-marked web safe fonts instead of a Google Font.

Speech Text Settings


Remember, keep your text readable. Make sure your colors don't clash.

Color for all primary text.

Color for speech text only.

Forum Type

HTML Tag Style

Your forum may require a certain tag to enable HTML processing. You can choose the tag style from the most common forum types, or leave off the tag altogether.

Preview & Copy Your Template

Your template preview will appear here once you select options.